Mind programming, The Law of Attraction




With time you can make money but with money you cannot buy time

 (do you know when you die ?)


Do you believe in luck ? Have think that why is somebody more lucky than the others ? The answer is the mind of the person could determine this factors. Today there so many tools to program the mind to attract the luck.


How this tools works ?


The human brain works in two different way, first is consciousness and second is unconsciousness. To make our consciousness works, we need to learn and study like what we have done in school. The second part or the unconsciousness mind need special condition to train them to work for us.


The mind program is focusing to train our unconsciousness mind to work according our will or same as our consciousness mind. In the old day people need to have long meditation to access their unconsciousness mind. Today with tools like optimindzation, you can program your mind to attract more money in your life and many other things.



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