Marketing is the key success in every business


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With time you can make money but with money you cannot buy time

 (do you know when you die ?)


Regardless your like or dislike, if you want to start your own business, you have to know your market. No market is mean no business. Marketing is not the same as sales, marketing is more strategic than sales. Some ideas about market:


☼ Property market, foreign property market, there are sellers and buyers.


☼ Education market, people who will to learn and people who provide the training


☼ Investment market, people who will to invest, people who need capital


☼ Goods market, people who will to buy, people who will to sell (including producer)


In the market always form to sides, the buyer and the seller, Marketing is not focus only how to sell but also how to deal with your competitors. Therefore before you start your own businesses (or joint ventures), it would be wise if you know about your market and marketing knowledge. Regardless the types of your business, you need to learn about marketing. The best way to learn about marketing is to read relevant books. If you want increase your success, learn from the best. The best idea is read the general marketing knowledge and then followed by books that relevant to your area of interest.


Jay Abraham - Income-Building Home Study System Package (eBook)


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