Forex Trading is one of home business idea




With time you can make money but with money you cannot buy time

 (do you know when you die ?)


Forex is very interesting, you can make money fast and if you are not the master you can lose the money faster than what you think. What you need to master are:


Emotion, the fear of lose and the fear of miss (greediness)


Technical Analysis


☼ Fundamental Analysis


Beside to master the above stuff, you need to know that forex is not investment, it is business with high risk, therefore before you do with real money you need to learn with small money or virtual money. You can open a free account on marketiva and get real money ($5) as bonuses.



It will be a good idea to trade with small amount of money first and if you can reach $10, then you may add with more money let say $90 so you can start with $100.


To learn more about Forex, you should read the book about it below:



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