The Future


The future, what will be ?


The Home Energy:


The energy from earth sources will be depleted, the human being must use solar energy for the only sources that always available. If the sun gone, then also the life in this planet within 3 days all earth will be covered by ice and all ice.


Solar cell especially will develop using nano tech and have higher efficiency than before. The system that support the use of solar cell also improved. The battery will have longer life time and durable. All lamp will use LED in future with more various model and color. More equipment will use DC current instead of AC current. The controller and inverter also improved in efficiency and lower price.


Electrical industry will have high shifting from all AC current equipment to DC current equipment, especially the low wattage equipment like refrigerator, water pump.


The water heater will mostly use solar power due to high cost of electricity. The new AC (air conditioning) will use directly solar energy to cooling down the house.


The stove, oven and microwave may still use the electric current from the utility company due to the high power consumption and low frequency of use.


The design of the home will utilize the solar energy and more energy efficient. The window glass will have more heat resistance to keep either warm or cool air.


The Computer and Internet:


Computer will have two types still, the home control and desktop model and notebook model. All of them will have higher energy efficiency. One computer running all the time at home will be very common for all task including internet TV. The internet will be use wifi in major cities and very low cost.


This future prediction is written on January 2008


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