E-Gold (the best & efficient internet payment system)



With time you can make money but with money you cannot buy time

 (do you know when you die ?)


Unlike other payment systems, E-Gold is less costly and easy to apply and the best of it, you only pay the minimal transaction fee and storage fee if you have some balance. To open an e-gold account is free, no risk at all.


To fund your e-gold is also easy, you can use your credit card or wire transfer with very small fee. For example in Indonesia you can use IndoChanger to transfer your e-gold to BCA or any other bank within minutes. This methods is very simple and easy compare with other payment systems.


However, some advise for security purpose are:


☼ Never create password for E-Gold same with any other account.


☼ If you think, you like to save some Gold in your e-gold account,

    open two account, one for transaction and other for saving


☼ Always keep your computer free from virus, trojan and other malicious software

    to avoid someone stolen your password.


☼ Keep your email that used for registered are secure, use the best provider for this,

    usually your local ISP have good system.


☼ Always log-off after any transaction


Now, you might think, "What can I do with e-gold?", here some ideas:


☼ Invest in HYIP program


☼ Open a store and accept payment via e-gold


☼ Store your gold instead of US $


☼ Transfer money to your friends



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