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The most significant improvement for reduce the amount of fuel is using the HHO as catalyst to your car. However before you ad this equipment make sure your car are run on good conditions. Some small things you need to consider before installing HHO are: change your air filter, change the sparks, re-setting the valve and record your mileages.


Q & A about HHO:


What is the best electrode? Silver or carbon is the best, but high cost, stainless-steel 316 is good enough.


How many HHO produce ? Liter of HHO per hours = I (ampere) * 418.15 * 1.482 / V (voltage) *1.5


What is common problem ? Rust, but easy to remove by switching the negative and positive every week


What temperature is Hydrogen self ignite ? 550 degree Celcius


What else should be consider ? Engine parameter, safety


Here example of HHO in my car:



The Electrolysis process:



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