Ideas for Investing



With time you can make money but with money you cannot buy time

 (do you know when you die ?)


The ideas for investment are:


☼ Property, Invest in Foreign Property like in Kemang Village Residences


☼ Business (make your own or joint ventures)


☼ Knowledge, Training, Seminar


☼ Stocks, Options (need proper knowledge)


☼ HYIP (also need deep knowledge to gain)


☼ Home improvement (reduce your maintenance cost)


☼ Mutual funds


☼ Insurance (investment type)


☼ Money Market, Saving


The most important rules in investing is knowing what you do with your money, in other word, do not let anybody influencing your decision, because at the end you have to take the consequences, either loss or profits.


The best idea is to read the book about investing and learn before doing any action, but start your action now before too late.



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