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The Ideas to make the Earth a better living place

and opportunity to make business


To help earth have better living place, you may reduce the use of fossil fuel from public electricity which mostly still use fossil energy or create heat like nuclear power. For example: you can use "energy saving" equipment or you can use some of your equipment use direct energy from sun.


The use of solar water heater is good example to save fossil energy.


HSE solar water heater   HSE solar water heater


Another use of reduce fossil energy is the use of heat pump instead of boiler or electric heater.


Midea heatpump            Midea heatpump           Midea heatpump 40kw  Midea heatpump 80kw


Many ways to reduce the fossil fuel, set your AC not too cool, just in comfortable zone. If you still need advise you ask some energy consulting to do so.




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