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The Ideas to reduce the usage of fossil fuel.


Today the ships in the world need  about 15% of the total fossil of the world usage.

Wikipedia says:

Exhaust emissions from ships are considered to be a significant source of air pollution. “Seagoing vessels are responsible for an estimated 14 percent of emissions of nitrogen from fossil fuels and 16 percent of the emissions of sulfur from petroleum uses into the atmosphere.”[71] In Europe ships make up a large percentage of the sulfur introduced to the air, “ much sulfur as all the cars, lorries and factories in Europe put together.”[77] “By 2010, up to 40% of air pollution over land could come from ships.”[77] Sulfur in the air creates acid rain which damages crops and buildings. When inhaled sulfur is known to cause respiratory problems and increase the risk of a heart attack.[77]

If the ships use wind energy with new technology, for example use maglev wind turbine to create energy to move the ships, the save to the environment is great but until today still not developed since the oil company afraid to lose their income.


ship with wind turbine    ship with wind turbine


The optimalization of wind energy could be great idea for ships.



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